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Oreoluwa Fakolujo

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I am a writer. I do content writing, copywriting, and academic writing, and SEO writing. In my 5 years of writing, I have worked in many niches. Business, home, trucking, sports, food… You think of it, and I assure you I’ve done something relating to it at least once. But I take a keen interest in finance writing. I enjoy writing anything about the financial markets (forex, stocks, and crypto) and personal finance.

When I’m not working, I’m coding, teaching someone how to write, teaching them how to trade the financial markets, or watching a football match (Huge fan of soccer here!). I’m always open to new opportunities, even if they’re miles out of my comfort zone. The thought of being part of something greater than me drives me to join NGO groups, volunteer to help others, and take on challenging projects.

Send me a message, even if you only want to discuss something that interests you and you think may interest me.

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