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Anchored VWAP

Anchored VWAP – Navigating Market Trends with Precision

The Anchored Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) stands as an innovative technical indicator that offers traders a nuanced perspective by amalgamating price data with volume information to present a more comprehensive market analysis. Unlike the standard VWAP, which typically starts calculations from the beginning of the trading day, the Anchored VWAP introduces the concept of 'anchoring'. This technique allows traders to set the starting point (Timeframe) of the VWAP calculation to a specific event or time of their choosing...

Smart Money Concept

Smart Money Concept – Best Strategy of Modern Traders

In the intricate world of investing, the 'Smart Money Concept' stands as a beacon for those seeking to navigate the tumultuous financial markets with a more informed, strategic approach. This concept, rooted in the actions and strategies of institutional investors and market insiders, offers a profound insight into how the movements of well-informed, experienced entities can serve as a guide for individual investors aiming to optimize their investment decisions. By understanding and leveraging the indicators of smart money presence,...

Recommended Brokers

The list of Brokers recommended for indicators trading
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